Pruning Kiwi


Actinidia deliciosa
Actinidia chinensis

Pruning after planting

The young branches of the kiwi vine should be cut back to approximately 40 cm after planting in spring or autumn. The young growth shoots that then develop are the leaders and form the basis of the kiwi plant. The fruits develop on the lateral canes that grow from these leaders. Make sure you leave about 50 cm between the lateral canes so that the fruits have enough room to grow. Cut the excess laterals away.

Winter pruning

In the winter months prune the lateral canes (which have now become branches) back to five or six eyes. Shoots will emerge from these eyes in spring, eventually bearing leaves, flowers and fruits.

We also recommend that you cut away old leaders from the heart of the plant as soon as they start to fruit. This will give you new leaders every few years, keeping the vine young. Winter is the best time to remove the old leaders.

Pruning in May

Cut the branches of the kiwi vine back to the sixth leaf in May. As the kiwi is such a vigorous grower, new shoots will develop all over the plant throughout the growing season, especially from the leaf axils. All unwanted new shoots should be removed so that the plant can concentrate its energy on the selected branches and canes. This will ensure a better harvest.