Pruning Forsythia



Pruning in April

If necessary, forsythia can be pruned in April after flowering.


There are several reasons for doing this.
If your forsythia has become too big and needs drastic pruning, the entire bush can be cut down to a height of approximately 40-50 cm. Make sure you do not cut off too much, as the lowermost branches must be left undisturbed. The more branches are retained, the bushier the shrub will be as it grows back.

If you want to rejuvenate your forsythia, less drastic pruning will suffice. Cut back one third of the branches, divided evenly over the shrub. Select another third of the branches the following year, with the remaining branches being removed in the third year. This procedure rejuvenates the entire shrub in phases.

If you want to trim forsythia into shape, keep it compact or simply remove ungainly branches, April is the best time to do this.