Pruning Apricot


Prunus Armeniaca

Pruning between March and June

With all apricots you can remove any dead wood in March, directly after the winter. Feel free to cut back to live wood. Young apricot trees can also be cut back farther in March.
In the case of older trees you can cut back farther but it is better to wait until June to do this. The way to prune fruit trees is to cut back the side branches, as these are the fruit-bearing branches.

With apricots the two-year-old and three-year-old side branches give the most fruit. Older branches are less productive. It is important to take this into account when pruning.

Optimum harvest

If your apricot tree is five or more years old, you can prune a few older branches back to a strong young shoot near the base of the branch. These shoots will develop into new branches that will produce lots of fruit some years later. You can optimise your harvest by cutting back a number of older branches every year and keeping track of the age of each branch. Labelling the branches can help you to remember how old they are.