Pot Plants: A Look At Your Winter Storage

Do you check plants that are in storage every now and then? They can be given a little water once in a while but water sparingly. You are better off not giving them any plant food just yet. It is also best to air the area they are being kept every now and then but make sure you do this on frost-free days!

For the best results with your Brugmansia and/or a fuchsia, it is recommended that you prune them back now. They will then grow nice and bushy later!

February is also a favourable month if you want to pot-on your pot plants.
We would advise you to transfer the plants to clean pots and use the best, clay-based potting compost to retain water as much as possible.

With some plants, such as citrus trees or bougainvilleas, it is preferable to leave them in the same pot for as long as possible. This simply gives the best result. Only transplant these, therefore, when they really are too big.

While you are in the winter storage area and have your pot plants all together, you have a good overview of your collection. Is it time for something new? Something different? Different colour accents? Our spring range contains gorgeous plants for a dazzling patio or decking.