In the kitchen garden with children

Kids love gardening too – and who could blame them because there’s nothing more fun than getting your hands dirty in the soil and growing and harvesting your very own fruit and veg.! Nice and outdoorsy – and you are allowed to get dirty too! It’s all just fun and games for children and they learn about seasons, how a seed grows into a plant, caring for the plants and even discovering that it doesn’t always work. Snails are annoying pests just when your little lettuce wants to grow! It can often stimulate children to eat vegetables that they otherwise wouldn’t, when they have grown their own.

A ‘my first kitchen garden’ needn’t be very big. In fact it’s more fun for kids if they can oversee it entirely, so, on the small side. 3-4 square metres is more than enough. If you don’t have even that much room, check out our ‘easy kitchen garden in a box’. You can even grow things in window boxes and pots and planters around the garden. The size of your crop is not the most important, it’s all about seeing it grow and then picking it.

Before your start your kitchen garden with the children, make a plan. This could be a drawing of the whole thing, with a list of the fruit and vegetables they want to grow. Improve the soil with new potting compost and/or a good fertile garden soil to avoid disappointment.
They won’t really need much in the way of tools. Most can just be done by hand. A watering can is handy and a little gardening trowel and hand rake are always cute. Check for some nice little child sized gardening tools here.

For their very first little kitchen garden, the following fruit and vegetables are the most suitable for the smaller veggie patch or for growing in pots and planters: strawberry plants and various vegetables such as tomato, carrot a few different lettuce and radish. Don’t forget herbs The easiest herbs to grow in your kitchen garden are parsley, thyme, chives, mint and rosemary.