Get your garden ready for summer!

Need some new ideas for your garden, patio or balcony? Read our 4 garden tips. 

‘Colourful Fantasy’

Lively and exuberant

The lively mixed colours in ‘Colourful Fantasy’ will make everyone stop and pay attention! This gardening style includes lots of flowers, hardy perennials and bedding plants. The more colour, the better it looks! Paint a fence or wall in a bright colour outdoors to help achieve the desired objective. The exuberant ‘Colourful Fantasy’ garden trend can be enhanced with striking garden accessories in various materials and in various shapes.

Beach Garden

Natural and so relaxing

Waving grasses and weathered, rusty looking pots are characteristic of the beachy garden trend. Straight lines, scaffolding timber and Mediterranean trees and plants help form the basis. Olive trees, grasses, citrus treesfig trees too – all really fit well in the Beach Garden. Don’t forget garden accessories - shells, basket work and driftwood. Use a nice colours such as azure blue or cyclamen pink to finish things off. Add shingle, a few bigger boulders around the patio and you could just dream the summer away in your very own beach garden!

‘Romantic Dream’

Sumptuous yet intimate

Sumptuous flowering plants and intimate little places to sit give us the dreamy look of ‘Romantic Dream’. Pink and purple flowers and garden accessories help set the mood. This romantic atmosphere is enhanced by exciting little vistas which draw the eye, with natural looking trees, hedges, rose arches and planted-up walls. Garden ponds and the use of natural materials like stepping stones and boulders are also what you would expect to see in the ‘Romantic Dream’ garden.

‘Mediterranean Mood’

Spontaneous and natural

Imagine yourself sitting looking out over the Mediterranean, only you’re actually sitting in your own garden! The Mediterranean garden trend is so natural and spontaneous using exotic looking plants and various Mediterranean types of plants and trees. Palm trees, fig trees, lavender and Mandevilla all enhance a garden’s Mediterranean atmosphere. Use round pots and planters from natural materials too - Just place them spontaneously around to make things seem even more natural. Let’s go Mediterranean!

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