Hedges and Conifers

Hedges make extremely useful garden features. They can be high to give you privacy and shelter, or low to give neat edges to paths and borders, and they come in both evergreen and deciduous varieties. As well as providing protection against wind and noise, a hedge will also provide living quarters for animals, birds and insects. A hedge can be used as an aesthetically pleasing substitute for a garden fence, and can even shield a garden from prying eyes. Finally, a hedge can provide shade for those plants that will thrive in it, allowing for more variety in the garden.

Conifers add fantastic evergreen structure to gardens, and are especially valued over the winter months when the garden is lacking in colour and life. They’re hardy, reliable and easy to maintain, and can be fitted into many different garden designs. They vary in shape and size, from ground covering shrubs to stately columns. Their deep green or steely blue leaves provide contrast and enhance the features of other plants such as ornamental grasses. Some can be used for hedging, and others make a beautiful focal point in their own right. In winter, conifers also offer birds a haven from rain, snow and cold winds.