Garden Design

To create a beautiful garden, it is essential to think of a garden design before you begin. Do you have an ideal garden in mind? Turn that idea into reality with garden’s garden design tips and ideas, and inspiration for your front garden, back garden and more. Whether you want beautiful colour, such as which red and yellow flowers to pair together, or tips for decoration can inspire you. offer a guide on whether to include more plants in your favorite colours, with blue, lavender, orange, pink, and purple blooms -- and more. Maybe you would love a garden filled with wildlife, such as birds and butterflies; you'll learn ways to attract them to your garden, including building your own birdhouses or creating birdbaths. For gardeners with a harder challenge, such as shady conditions, don't despair, offer advice on which plants are best suited. Stay up to date with the latest gardening tips with landscaping secrets for autumn and winter.