Garden Plant - Citrus trees

Pretty colours, fresh smells – this all makes a citrus tree popular already. These Mediterranean beauties are also evergreen so you can also enjoy them all year round. Citrus trees all have sturdy trunks with a green ‘crown’. In the spring they will be overwhelmed with delightfully scented blossom. Citrus trees like to be in the sun and will add a lovely touch of the Med. to your patio or decking (or indeed your living room).

Having citrus trees around – well, it’s just like being on holiday. Whether your plants are in the garden or on the patio/decking or indoors. In the citrus family you have oranges, mandarin oranges, (satsumas), lemons, grapefruit and kumquat. A calamondin (Citrus mitis 'Calamondin') is thought to be a hybrid between a mandarin orange and the kumquat.

Caring for your citrus tree

Your citrus tree can go outdoors into the garden or onto the patio/decking from mid-March, through until October. Do give it a spot in full sun. It’s a good idea to gradually acclimatise your plants to the harshest sun during the first couple of weeks to prevent them being burned up. Keep an eye on night temperatures as well, as these plants will not tolerate frost at all. Do bring them all back indoors before the first frosts around October and store them in a light, frost free area. Your living room would be nice, or a conservatory or greenhouse.

Citrus trees like a nice, light and sunny spot. Do water sparingly with (rain) water and give a regular feed of some special organic fertiliser for citrus plants.  A citrus plant likes fairly acidic soil so it’s a good idea to mix your potting compost with some peat. In order to get sufficient fruit on your plant, you could pollinate the blossom yourself, using a little paint brush. It takes about a year for citrus fruits to ripen.

Pruning citrus trees

Citrus plants are either grown as a standard, with a trunk, or as a bush. To keep your plants vigorous and healthy, prune them in the spring for best results. Following being pruned, the plant will form lots of new shoots so it will be a while before it blossoms and sets fruit. It’s therefore a good idea to keep pruning only for shaping the plant or for removing wild suckers. Side shoots should definitely be pruned from a standard’s trunk in order to keep it looking smart.

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