Do it yourself: Potted Bulbs

Colour indoors with potted bulbs!

While it’s still dark and bare in the garden, we all long to see something cheerful. Potted bulbs are the perfect solution to creating a happy spring-like atmosphere, even if winter will last a while yet. Potted bulbs like crocuses, tulips, scilla, muscari, hyacinths and the always popular ‘Tête-à-Tête’ daffodils, will bring spring indoors, nice and early. And what can you say about an imposing and graceful potted amaryllis? The huge choice of all the different shades, smells and flower shapes available in potted bulbs can make you rather greedy for them all. Wave bye-bye to winter and say welcome to spring with cheery potted bulbs!

In a shallow dish, a pretty planter or a basket

Perhaps you have a colourful collection of pots in all shapes and sizes stored away? Don’t throw them out! All of them will look great filled with potted bulbs. Try them all grouped on a tray together, or perhaps on an attractive wooden board. A cheerful eye-catcher indoors is soon arranged. A large dish filled with potted bulbs can also really make it like spring indoors. You can plant up one variety in various colours, or you could do a mix of various types of potted bulbs in the same shade. White flowers mixed with coloured ones look just great together. Guaranteed to be a hit!

That ultimate smell of spring

Besides all the wonderful colours that potted bulbs bring indoors, some potted bulbs smell delightful too. We all know the fresh smell of hyacinths in bloom but were you aware of the rather delightful scent of the scilla (also known as squill) at all?


Place your potted bulbs in a light spot indoors and water them sufficiently. This will keep your potted bulbs healthy for a long time and you can enjoy your cheerful little potted bulbs for longer. The cooler the spot, the longer they will last, and look prettier too.


Follow the tips below and your potted bulbs will feel at home instantly and will soon bring you the lovely feel of spring in your home!

What you need:

  • bulbs for in pots like crocus bulbs, hyacinth bulbs, tulip bulbs and daffodil bulbs
  • a diverse collection of little, decorative planters, or a large dish
  • potting compost


  1. Buy some bulbs for potting up. Decide whether you want 1 type per pot or several types in one pot for a really surprising effect.
  2. Choose a pretty pot that will match nicely, or a vase or an attractive deep dish.
  3. Add a layer of potting compost to your pot.
  4. Lay the bulbs on the potting compost, roots down of course.
  5. Cover the bulbs with another layer of potting compost and press the whole thing firmly in.
  6. Water sparingly and place your pretty potted bulbs prominently in your home.

Get to enjoy spring indoors already with cheerful potted bulbs!