Do it yourself: Plant terrarium

Besides your ‘common or garden’ houseplants, it can be great fun to add a plant terrarium to your home. This is a creative way of adding greenery that is extremely modern and adds tranquility to your home. Here are a few steps towards creating your very own, hip and trendy plant terrarium.

DIY plant terrarium

Getting started

You need the following items to get started on a plant terrarium:

Step 1

Thoroughly clean and dry the pot you want to use for your terrarium and (depending on the size) add a decent layer of gravel or pebbles… up to 2.5 cm. This allows for good drainage.

Step 2

You need a layer of activated charcoal on top of the gravel… up to 2 cm. Buy this at a pet shop – it will help prevent fungus and bad smells.

Step 3

Add your potting compost… the amount depends on the height of your terrarium. You need enough to plant your plants at an appropriate and comfortable depth.

Step 4

Add your succulents, cacti and/or tropical plants to your glass. If they are too large they won’t look their best in your terrarium so choose appropriate sized plants for your glass.

Step 5

It will look extra decorative and well finished-off if you cover bare patches with some moss and/or pretty stones or pebbles.

All done! Water your succulents sparingly every day for the first couple of weeks. After the first settling in period, your plants in this miniature eco-system will only need a weekly watering.

Have fun making your very own plant terrarium!

plant terrarium DIY