Do it yourself: Kokedama – the latest trend!

Looking for a new imaginative solution for the perfect houseplants? Then make your very own kokedama. This type of bonsai from Japan is ever-more popular in Europe. And the nicest thing about it is you can use all types of succulents and houseplants in this original manner, creating lots of greenery indoors. In kokedama, the houseplant’s root ball is wrapped into a ball of moss and tied up with string in order to hang it up. A type of hanging garden really! Perfect in the somewhat smaller home with less floor-space – and your table remains uncluttered too.

Make your own kokedama – ‘green fingers’ not required!

Try making your first kokedama with a succulent as these are already pretty undemanding. That said all houseplants can be made into a cute kokedama, really. All you need is the plant, lots of moss, and string. It’s really not hard to do - even if you’re not considered ‘green fingered’ you can manage it too!

A homemade kokedama just oozes a lovely feeling of serenity and peace.

A kokedama in a dish or on a saucer looks great in any interior

DIY Kokedama

  1. Soak the moss well and squeeze out all excess water
  2. Remove the plant from its pot, allowing some soil to remain on the roots.
  3. Squeeze the root ball all into a ball.
  4. Stand the ball of roots in the middle of the moss (which is lying upside down), ensuring a good fit around the root ball.
  5. Fold the moss all around and press it firmly in.
  6. Wrap your garden string tightly around to keep the moss covering the roots and tie it off.
  7. Hang up your kokedama prominently or stand it in a nice dish in the best spot for the plant.

    DIY: Make all your plants into hanging kokedamas!

    Caring for a kokedama

    Hang the kokedama in the same spot you would normally home your plant. All plants are of course different so choose wisely. To water your kokedama, it’s a good idea to either drench it in a bucket or spray it with a plant spray. If using a bucket, squeeze out the excess water until it no longer drips water.