Decorative winter table

In the cosy month of December we spend most of our time indoors as the weather is cold and sunshine is scarce. However, this does not mean that we have to miss out on the glorious colours and scents of nature. With evergreen hedges, trees and plants, there are many ways to get closer to nature.

Greenery on the garden table

  • Leucothoe Scarletta
    This beautiful evergreen shrub feels very comfortable on the patio. The leaves take on a deep red hue in winter, eventually turning green in spring. It is sensible to protect the pot with bubble wrap in severe frost.
  • Camellia
    Richly flowering Camellia is an elegant tub plant or pot plant with its large, eye-catching flowers. Camellia is a member of the tea family. The plant keeps its leaves in winter so it is a very decorative sight on the garden table.
  • Gaultheria
    This magnificent evergreen plant has masses of striking red berries. It is also known as wintergreen. This is a popular plant and an asset in any winter garden.
  • Cyclamen Persicum (Florist’s Cyclamen)
    This mixed collection of winter-flowering cyclamens is ideal for creating a Christmas decoration, thanks to the fabulous flowers in fresh colours that appear in abundance during the winter months. A very eye-catching patio feature.

Choosing a pot

Once you have chosen which hardy plants you want to use for your winter table, it is time to decide on a suitable layout. The design is entirely up to you. Anything is possible. However, you should take into account that you may want to swap the plants around to determine the most attractive arrangement, so it is best to avoid very heavy pots and containers!
Do not forget to position your plants on the table or on the ground in such a way that you have a good view of them from indoors.

Birds like berries too

During periods of frost and snow, the birds will probably want to eat the berries on your holly bush. To avoid losing all your berries, you could cut some berry sprigs at the beginning of this month. Keep them in moist sand until you need them for your Christmas arrangement. You could also cover your plants with netting to keep the birds away from your berries.