Daylilies: Special Colour and Fragrance

The scientific name of the Day Lily is Hemerocallis, or "Beauty for one day". And the flowers of this plant do indeed bloom for just one day, although come the next day the plant is covered with brand new flowers, so you may not notice this. Amazing!

Popular plant

Day Lilies are extremely popular and the most fantastic flowers are cultivated. In nature, they are found in yellow or orange, but nowadays you also find them in white, pink, red and purple. The size of the plants varies. Where some will reach no more than approximately 20 cm, others can grow to over one metre tall. The shapely foliage is another aspect that makes the Day Lily a wonderful border plant

Easy plant

Day Lilies are fairly resistant to disease and will thrive in most soil types. Whilst most enjoy a sunny position, some varieties also tolerate light shade. Draught is something they don't tolerate, however, and they are very thirsty plants! Water generously during dry weather. The flowering period of the Day Lily is spread over several weeks and some varieties have more than one flowering period over several months. If after a few years the flowers start to decline, do not hesitate to divide the clumps and transplant into a different spot, preferably at the beginning of autumn.