Caring For Your Houseplants In May

Taking care of indoor plants in may
The temperatures are rising and we spend more time outside. Therefore it's extra important not to forget the 'forget-me-nots': Your indoor plants. In these months your indoor plants are in need of some extra care and water!

Taking care of indoor plants: What can you do?

  • Water your plants on a weekly basis, preferably with some plant food. We have plant food for flowering plantsleafy plants and universal food
  • Is it getting really hot? Make sure you check the soil more often and if needed, give them some extra water.
  • Do you have an Amaryllis? Give it some water on a regular basis, even after it has flowered.
  • Take into account that when certain plants enter a dormant period (just after flowering) they don't need water that often.
  • Some plants, like the indoor arum lily, prefer a cooler spot during their dormant period. Therefore always check the needs of your indoor plants.
  • Succulents also have a dormant period in spring. They should be watered so sparingly that the soil stays dry and loose.
  • Some indoor plants do not like direct sunlight. Therefore it's wise to change the steady spot of your green house friend now and then. Tip: Cacti and Succulents like sunny spots.
  • Do you have an indoor azalea? Prune it back to half its size after flowering and plant it in a sunny spot in the garden.
  • Did you forgot your green friends and now they are hanging sadly? No worries, give them a proper bath so they can soak in all the water they need. Add some plant food and within no time your indoor plants are shining again. 

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