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There is nothing better than looking out on your garden and seeing it full of wildlife – birds nesting in the trees, butterflies resting on leaves and hedgehogs scuttling under bushes. However, what you want to avoid is wildlife becoming a nuisance. For example, squirrels are notorious for destroying bird feeders and eating all the nuts and seed you put out for them. But while they can be a pain, it is fascinating to watch them scurrying around. Why not get them one of our squirrel feeders and some food, subsequently providing them with their own place to eat? There are also tips and tricks you can try to keep them away from the bird food so you don’t have to worry about them going over there after they have finished with their own.

As well as squirrel food and feeders we also have squirrel nesting boxes, so they have somewhere to live, as well as eat, in your garden. They will be particularly grateful for this during the winter months when food and shelter are even harder to come by. Feeling inspired by the plants and wildlife in your garden? Why not treat yourself to an adult colouring book and pencils so you can create some beautiful outdoor scenes from the warmth and comfort of your home?