Outdoor Lighting

Attractive outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your garden long into the evening. Order an atmospheric outdoor light for on the wall, along the garden path or perhaps brighten up a pretty tree with spotlights. A garden with outdoor lighting looks wonderful, cosy too, in any season. Our collection of garden lights include a wide selection of LED lights, solar powered gardening lights, 12 V outdoor lights and 230 V garden lights too. Take a look and order your favourite garden lighting online at Bakker.com!

64 Items
64 Items
Buying Garden Lighting
Looking for the perfect outdoor lights? There are loads of different types of outdoor lighting around online. There are outside lights in a pillar, garden spots, ground spotlights, wall lamps, set of lighting… lots and lots of decorative garden lights. At Bakker.com you can literally discover the difference between night and day.
Garden lighting comes with various types of lighting source too:
  • 12 V outdoor lights - Garden lights at 12 V are inexpensive, easily used and very easy to place by anyone – just plug them in, using a transformer. 12 V lamps give sufficient light om make your garden nicely lit.
  • 230 V outdoor lights - These are plugged right into an outdoor socket and are a powerful light to brighten things up in your garden.
  • LED garden lighting – LED lamps are much more energy efficient that halogen lamps. They light things up just nicely despite using much less energy to do so.
  • Solar powered garden lights –Solar powered lights are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of lighting up the garden. The battery in the lamp is charged during sunlight hours. Solar powered outdoor lighting is easily placed anywhere and by anyone without cables or the need for electricity
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