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What are ScentChips? ScentChips are small, colourful wax melts that spread a delightful smell through your home when melted on a ScentChips burner. You can even mix them up and melt them together for a unique and personal scent combination, just for you. For instance, try combining the sweet scent of ScentChips Magnolia with the fragrance of Musk and Rose. Order your favourite, delightfully scented ScentChips now, online at!

Buying ScentChips® online
ScentChips® are now available to buy online from Our extensive collection of colourful scented products by ScentChips® bring you a complete scent sensation! Our wide range of ScentChips® includes fragrant wax melts that spread a wonderful aroma when you melt them in a ScentChips® burner. The varity of ScentChips® scents can be mixed and matched together so you can continually discover new favourites smells from your very own mix.