Home Accessories

Make life more pleasant with the best accessories from Bakker.com! Looking for products that make your home more enjoyable, friendlier and more beautiful? Then you are at the right place here with Bakker. Whatever you're looking for, thanks to the wide range of home accessories in our shop, you will definitely find the appropriate home and unique accessory for your home. Look around and make your choice for indoor and outdoor!

63 Items
63 Items
Wide selection to choose from
One of the items among our huge selection of home accessories on offer really crosses those ‘t’s and dots those ‘i’s. Deluxe (and other) candles with stearin really give a nice, fresh and pleasant smell to any interior. Villa Hermanos Deluxe Candles are totally enriched with subtle scents by distinguished French perfume makers. There’s also reed diffusers, scented sachets and scented wax chips. Get inspired and have your home smelling just delightful!
Kitchen accessories
And then there’s the kitchen. We haven’t forgotten to add handy and practical  little kitchen gadgets for making work in the kitchen more fun. See our webshop for ceramic pans, a new garlic press, various (sets of) knives, knife sharpeners, herb scissors and lots more for lightening the load in the kitchen. Bakker.com has everything.
Miniature Gardening
This is an absolutely trendy craze from America – miniature gardening is great to set up to just how you want it. Lots of accessories are available and your mini-garden can look just like the real thing if you want it to. There are little sets of furniture, loungers, fencing and all sorts of garden items – it’s so easy to create a real miniature garden. Mini Gardens look great on the patio/decking, or even indoors.