Garden Ornaments

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Garden statues are the perfect garden accessory and they can really add to the scale of a garden. A garden statue can be a real eye-catcher or, if you prefer, just add a subtle feel. You could even hide the statue in a border, so it's a surprise when stumbled upon! Garden statues and garden ornaments have been a feature of the garden for thousands of years, adding elegance and a personal touch. Some statues are even thought to guard over a garden, according to mythology. Whether or not this is true, garden statues, for a lot of peple, are almost as important as flowers and plants!

Garden statues have been used in gardens for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used statues in their temple gardens – statues to the gods. In ancient Greece they were stood in sacred glades in the forest. Romans copied many of the statues of ancient Greece and used them in their gardens.
Garden statues have been omnipresent in western gardens during the renaissance all the way up to the 21st century. Classic statuary used to only be found in the ‘big houses’ of the nobility but later they became popular in public parks and gardens. Now everyone could enjoy their beauty and symbolism.
Some garden statues really get your imagination working. Throughout history, many European cultures held the belief that gardens were frequently visited by mischievous spirits who liked to play tricks on people. You might have also been visited by fairies, little animals and garden gnomes as garden saviours!
Of course your average garden gnome is a symbol of good luck and many believe they help around the garden once it’s night time. That’s why you will often see one portrayed with a watering can, or a wheelbarrow, for instance. We can all use some extra help in the garden so garden gnomes have grown ever more popular since the mid 1800s.
Types of statue for your garden.
Garden statues come in all shapes and sizes. From garden gnomes, animals and sculptures with solar powered lighting, all the way up to classic statues, or even abstract art. Garden ornaments with a spiritual meaning, can add peace and tranquility to a garden space. Jolly garden gnomes on the other hand, give your garden a colourful and cheery look.
The materials statues are made from can vary enormously too. It really depends on what they will be used for, the type of scene you want to create, and of course, cost. A traditional sculpture is made in stone. A metal sculpture can be cast in bronze, copper, or even lead. It could also be glass, terracotta or cement. The latter are normally more fragile and won’t withstand frost.
All our garden ornaments are made in tough, non-breakable and frost resistant, artificial stone. The advantage of this is that they are lightweight and easily moved around. The paint used is environmentally friendly and solvent free (non-toxic). Our graceful statues look a real picture and are of great quality too. You are guaranteed to enjoy them for many years!
Garden Statues and ornaments
Garden ornaments are used to enhance a garden. A garden can reflect your personal taste so choose what you find attractive and think of the best place to put it in your garden.
Garden statues are normally the first thing to be noticed by guests. Stand your statue or ornament where it will look its best; that could be in full view, or down by the pond, peeking out.
Garden statues can be used to attract animals and birds too. There are lots of feeders or bird baths around. Your reward will be a sight of a little robin!
Nowadays a decorative feature is increasingly combined with a useful function; for example, with Bakker you will find beautiful garden sculptures with convenient solar lighting.
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