Bird Boxes and Bird Feeders

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Feeding stations, seed silos and bird seed dishes are indispensable for safely feeding all the garden birds. There's a bird bath to be found shown here too. Bird seed mix, fat balls, even bird peanut butter for garden birds, we have it all, complete with the best ways of feeding them all!

(Garden) birds in the winter
All our feathered friends need a bit of help to get through the winter, especially when it’s frosty or there is snow on the ground. Check out all our little bird boxes, bird seed silos, fat balls (and holders) and bird baths. There are all different types of bird boxes, nesting boxes, on poles, on stands or just to hang up. Of course it all depends on your preference as well as the room available – a bird box on a pole can be a good choice when you don’t have much room or place to hang one. A bird table, or see silo etc. will depend also on the tip of food you intend feeding them.
What do garden birds like to eat?
Of course we know that birds really like seeds. If mixed with special bird peanut butter … oh they do love that! This special bird peanut butter is very rich in calories, contains no salt, is very nutritional and good for garden birds. Special Bird Peanut Butter actually gives the birds more resistance to disease. Of course ordinary peanuts are a favourite too and we have a peanut silo on sale you might like which of course could also hold hazelnuts. And we know they like those too!